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We offer t-shirts starting from a price range of Rs. 199 to Rs. 2499. 


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Custom Corporate T-Shirts

Look nowhere else if what you require are the best corporate t-shirts for your organization. Champu offers custom company t-shirts at the best rates in the market. We have provided custom corporate t-shirts for companies like H&M, KPMG, Vivo, and many more. Every company t-shirt is custom-designed at the highest quality and accurately according to the size of each individual. The business logo can be printed on the front, back, or even on the sleeves, custom, according to what you want. We provide the best services in India’s corporate sector with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The order will be delivered within two weeks of placing an online order without extra shipping costs.

Wear a corporate uniform as you want, with a custom corporate t-shirt available only at Browse through thousands of graphics, artwork, and designs online and grab the one you love the most. Now you can also opt for custom corporate t-shirts, shirts, etc., in just a few clicks only with Champu. Now show your love for your business by repping a custom corporate t-shirt or picking an original corporate t-shirt, readily available at your doorstep. Get high-quality custom corporate t-shirt printing in less than two weeks after you place the online order and enjoy free shipping of your favorite custom corporate t-shirts only at Champu. in. Our efficient customer service is always available to help you and customize your products based on your needs over a chat or email.

Corporate T-Shirts Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.What is a corporate t-shirt?

A. Corporate t-shirts are typically polo or collar neck t-shirts, with 2 or 3 buttons, and a pocket on the left side. Mostly, these t-shirts are matty in fabric finish and are considered appropriate for a corporate meeting. They come in a wide variety of varying GSMs, fabric options, fit options, etc. offers a wide variety of corporate t-shirts, that meet your complete needs from promotional to ultra-luxury segments.

Q2.Which company t shirts are best?

A. There can be no straightforward answer to this question, as it totally depends on the total budget, exact need, etc. There are various brands in the market such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, etc. which are typically value for money/ premium segment for t-shirts. There are some cheaper brands as well, which can fall in the category of Promotional/ VFM.

At Champu, we have t-shirts under 5 categories for your business needs - One-Time Wear, Promotional, Value for Money, Premium, and Ultra Premium. Depending on the requirements, the same can be selected from here.

Q3.What is a corporate wear?

A. Corporate wear is a term used for all the apparel that can be worn in offices formally. The idea of formal dressing has stemmed from the fact to look a little more presentable, and not very casual when coming to the office, or meeting in the office or client. Clothing can roughly be divided into 2 parts, - Casual and Professional. Professional clothing is also referred to as corporate wear.

Q4.What is an example of a corporate wear?

A. This differs for genders. For men, formal shirts, polo t-shirts, formal trousers, ties, shoes, business suits, etc. are considered some examples of corporate wear. For women, formal dresses, sarees, suits, polo t-shirts, with formal trousers, and business suits are considered as corporate wear.

Q5.Where can I choose the best corporate t-shirts designs from?

A. We have more than 20 different designs for corporate t-shirts, which can be found here. One can also choose any design outside these designs, and we will be happy to print the same.

Q6.Is t shirt okay for business casual?

A. T-shirts are okay for business casuals as long as they are not casual and not paired with jeans etc. Polo t-shirts paired with formal trousers are considered formal unless stated otherwise in any company dressing policy.

Q7.Are company logo t-shirts the same as corporate logo t-shirts?

A. Mostly yes, company logo t-shirts are essentially the same as corporate t-shirts. However, company logo t-shirts can also be round-neck tees, with company logo printed on the same.

Q8.What is a reasonable price for a custom company t-shirt?

A. Custom company t-shirts have a very different price range, and it also depends on 2 other factors such as - Printing/ Embroidery and shipping. Costs for company t-shirts typically can start at somewhere near to Rs. 250 and can go as high as Rs. 3000, depending on what kind of product you are looking for. You can check the T Shirts Price Calculator here, for better understanding.

Q9.Why are custom corporate t-shirts so expensive?

A. Custom corporate t-shirts are not always expensive. At, we have starting range of corporate t shirts from Rs. 250, however, additional printing/ embroidery, and shipping charges are added according to the requirements. For further details, you can check the t shirts price calculators.

Q10. What is a corporate branded t-shirts?

A. Several organisations such as Apple, Infosys, Microsoft, Boat etc get their merchandise printed as a part of brand exercise, for its employees, customers, promotional events etc. These t-shirts when printed with the organization's logo are called corporate branded t-shirts.

At times, these brands also have requirements to customise branded apparel such as Nike, Adidas, Puma t-shirts, which can also be referred to as branded corporate t-shirts or merchandise.

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