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Return & Replacement
Where can I find information regarding returns, exchanges, and cancellations?
You can find information regarding returns, replacements, and cancellations on the 'your orders' page in your account. You can also explore the FAQ section for the returns and replacement policies.
What is your return policy?
We have a 15 days return policy, which also on the investigation of the products and the complaint being raised. Our first solution is always a replacement, in case there is any problem with the products delivered. However if due for some reason, ...
What is your replacement policy?
We have a 15 days return policy, which also on the investigation of the products and the complaint being raised. Our first solution is always a replacement, in case there is any problem with the products delivered. However if due for some reason replacement...
In case I return the products, will the COD Handling Charges be credited back?
We do not offer any type of cash on delivery. Hence, no charges will be anyways applicable.
I haven't received my refund yet. What should I do?
Refunds usually take 7-9 business days to reflect in your account. If it is still not credited, please contact us at
How to return an Item?
Please drop us an email to along with the issues that you are facing, along with any pictures, etc. We will look into the issue and resolve the same for you.
What if my T-shirt does not fit me correctly?
We highly recommend you go for sampling before getting the entire lot printed. Sampling helps resolve all these basic errors such as colors, sizes, printing, etc., and gives you the right set of products, which you expected in the first place.
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I have a bulk order, with different printing designs, and different sizes. Is it possible to get that printed?
Yes, you can print any number of designs in any order. There is no restriction on sizes as well. You can choose as many sizes, as available for any particular product.
What's the difference between Screen printing and Digital Printing?
Screen printing is done by transferring a stenciled design onto a flat surface using a mesh screen, ink, and a squeegee, while Digital Printing is done through an ink-jet-based method of printing colorants onto the fabric. There are multiple ways...
What is the difference between DTG and Screen printing?
Screen printing is done by transferring a stenciled design onto a flat surface using a mesh screen, ink, and a squeegee. It is a more manual process and is a very cost-effective method. Screen printing is preferred always when quantities are more, and...
Where can I get T-Shirt Printing done in Delhi?
You can get custom T-shirt printing done here in Delhi, at Champu, at the most affordable prices and you will get the highest quality.
What is halftone printing?
Halftone is the reprographic technique that simulates continuous-tone imagery through the use of dots, varying either in size or in spacing, thus generating a gradient-like effect.
Can I get screen-printed custom polo shirts?
Yes! Screen printing is possible on all round and collar-neck t-shirts. It is possible to screen print on the front and back of the T-shirts.
Do you Print on the sleeves also?
Yes, we can print on sleeves also. But, the size recommendation for printing on different products is that the size of the print should be not more than 3.5 X 3.5 inches. Secondly, only digital printing is possible on sleeves and not screen printing...
What is a print and cut printing method?
Print and Cut is a technique where your designs are first transferred on a transfer paper, using a specific machine that can do print and cut printing. Through that machine, the paper is cut into the required design for printing. The design on that...
What is DTG printing?
DTG Stands for Direct-to-Garment. Modern ink-jet technology is used to spray-print the design on the fabric. The ink is then absorbed by the fibers. It is like printing on paper but on clothing.
What are the Pros and cons of DTG?
DTG method is easy for production because of the less setup time, it is the best for bulk order production. You can work with detailed colors and patterns with DTG. It, however, is not good with transparency, you must not print anything that is less ...
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Can I choose the material for the custom T-shirt?
We at have mostly any and every type of fabric available for our customers in the form of products like round neck t-shirts, collar neck t-shirts, hoodies, etc. There is also a filter available on product selection pages, where you can simply...
What products can I buy without a minimum order?
On the product selection page, there is a filter on the left panel that says - No Minimums. All the products that lie under that category can be chosen and designed for purchase.
What is the difference between VFM & Premium?
VFM products are the ones, which are good quality products available at somewhat affordable prices, they can be compared with products like Adidas, Puma, etc. These products usually run for around an year or so, which is in general a life of a VFM-quality...
What is the difference between Promotional and Value for Money?
Promotional products are more directed towards promotional activities such as BTL activities, where these products help companies at promotional events. They can be used for distribution purposes, or for things such as blue-collared staff, etc. These...
What is the difference between Premium & Ultra Premium?
Premium quality products are again high-quality products, which can be compared to slightly more premium brands such as Nike, etc. These products have more fine finish when it comes to the stitching, and feel of wearing. They last for somewhat around...
What is the difference between Time Wear and Promotional?
One-time wear as the name suggests, is the category that runs for no more than 2-3 months. These are t-shirts that can only be used for one or max 2 times, such as marathons, yoga day events, etc. These products are mainly used in giveaways and promotions...
What is the difference between a regular and a slim-fit T-shirt?
Slim-fit t-shirts fit closely to the body, highlighting the shape of the body while Regular T-shirts are shaped box-like and are more straight-looking. On the product category page, we have filters that can help the user select which type of t-shirts...
What is Supima Cotton?
Supima cotton is a very superior type of cotton that is grown in the USA. It has more strength, softness, and color retention than regular cotton. Supima is the longest and softest thread form of cotton, which gives the best possible comfort while...
What products do you offer?
At present, we offer t-shirts, hoodies, formal shirts, and mugs.
How do you make custom bags?
Yes, we make custom bags. Have a look at our bags and backpacks collection for inspiration. However, the MOQ for the same is 500 pcs.
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Do you offer any Rewards Programs?
Currently No. But we may plan to come up with this in the near future.
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Quality of Printing
Will the quality and color of the design/image I upload change while printing?
We try to maintain the highest quality of the design/image while printing, but having said that there are majorly 2 kinds of printing - manual and digital. Manual Printing is a little cheaper, and hence the colors are made via a manual process too...
What happens if the color of the ink isn't exactly what I viewed online?
For any concerns related to the quality of the products, you can drop us a mail at and someone from our support team will reach out to you within 48 hours of the issue being raised. We will investigate the issue, and may have to ...
The color of my t-shirts is varying slightly by ~3-5%. Is this an acceptable industry standard?
Yes, this majorly happens for goods under categories such as OTW, Promotional, and VFM. Although we try that in one particular order, all the t-shirts are dispatched within the same lot. But sometimes, t-shirts get manufactured at different vendors, ...
Will my custom item look exactly like the Online Designer preview?
Yes. 99.99% of the time. Sometimes, design creation happens in different software, where the glow or shine of a few colors look and feel different than the ones on real fabric with real printing colors. However, to avoid confusion of any type. We ...
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Can I sell my designs at Champu?
Not right now! We do not offer marketplace services yet to the customers. However, this is in the pipeline, and we may launch these services soon.
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Why isn't anyone replying to my email?
You can contact us by phone at 1800-121-3181 for immediate assistance from Monday to Friday between 10 AM to 7 PM.
What if I'm not happy with my purchase?
Okay! Firstly, we are sorry to hear that. You can drop us an email at, with details of your order id, as well as why you are unhappy with the purchase, products, or any aspect rea conflated to delivery services. We in general have...
What if I have questions?
Sure! Please write to us at or reach out to a live person on call at 1800-121-3181 during working hours. We should get back to you within 48 hours of the request being raised.
I have requested for my account password to be reset but haven’t received an email. What should I do now?
You contact us at
What if I receive more or less than I ordered?
Please contact us at or reach a person at 1800-121-3181 to raise a concern and we will try to solve your issue at the earliest. Please check whether the package received was compromised/ broken anywhere. If yes, please take pictures...
What if I make a mistake in my order?
Okay! So, there can be 2 case scenarios possible here 1. Mistake made + Final Approval not shared yet - In this case, it is possible to reverse the entire order, and create the designs again. However, please do note that the earlier committed timelines...
I never received an email confirmation after I placed an order. Can you resend it?
We recommend checking your spam section. If it's not there, you can contact us at
Can I cancel my order?
You can cancel your order only when the products have not been purchased, or the printing has yet not started. If either of the events has started, it is not possible to cancel the order.
Can I have a particular product request?
Sure! You can drop us a mail at, for any specific product request requirement that you may have. However, please be ensure that an MOQ for this type of product will be a minimum of 500 pcs, that these orders cannot be processed in urgency...
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Washing Instructions
How do I wash and iron these custom t-shirts?
Normal machine wash is recommended for all the products that we offer at, as well as while ironing - the only point to be taken care of is ironing should not be done on the print itself. Since these may be screen prints or digital prints...
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What is the difference between a Super Urgent/ Urgent/ Not Urgent Order?
Super Urgent - Where the delivery is needed within 3-4 business days, of the order placed. Urgent - Where the delivery is needed within 5-14 business days, of the order placed. Non-Urgent - Where the delivery is needed after 15 business days of the...
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