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What if I have special instructions for my design?
All your special instructions are welcome at Champu, All your requests and requirements will be taken care of by us. You can add in additional details while placing the order with us and will take care of the same. and even if you have forgotten...
What are the recommended file/artwork upload specifications?
The recommended file + artwork is png, SVG, PSD, eps, etc. Just ensure that the files that you are uploading have a basic requirement for the upload pixels so that printing comes out nice and the designs are not pixelated.
What are the points to be considered while designing a custom t-shirt?
You need to consider the following points: 1. The design uploaded should be of the highest quality. 2. The logo/design placement and indentation should be carefully done.
Can I use non-standard fonts?
We have more than 10,000 fonts available in the list which can be used.
Is there an option for printing designs with photos?
Yes, you can print designs with your photo of choice. Just ensure they meet the required pixel standards for good output.
Is there any option for outlining text?
The design tool has the option of outlining the text, and there are multiple options you can use to highlight, bold, and italicize the fonts.
My design is not getting saved. Can you help?
Sure, in case this is happening multiple times. Please reach out to our design team at, who will help you with the creation of your design and save it as well.
Is it necessary to choose from the existing template design?
No, it is not necessary to choose from the existing template, you can custom-create your own design as well. Just that you have to create them yourselves, and our design team wont be able to help you in that case.
I liked your ready-to-use design for ABC prod but I want to make slight change in the design, is it possible ?
Yes, it is very much possible to make slight changes according to your preferences, in our existing designs.
How lengthy text I can write on the product?
Every product will come with some restrictive area of printing, basis the surface area that can be used for printing. The design tool will display the restrictive area, beyond which printing will not be possible, and you can keep the text as big as...
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Do you offer any discounts on ordering bulk/ volume t-shirts?
Yes, we have a fixed price calculator tool, that helps determine the best costs, on the basis of 3 factors - 1. Product Chosen 2. Printing 3. Delivery Location & Timeline On the basis of all these 3 factors, prices are calculated on the price...
Why are fewer quantity t-shirts more expensive vs more qty t-shirts?
There is always a one-time setup cost in printing, especially in manual printing or embroidery. When that one-time setup cost gets divided into larger qty, it becomes smaller, while when divided into smaller qty, the cost per t-shirt goes up.
Is Embroidery more costly than printing?
Embroidery is indeed more costly than printing, but it is because of its guaranteed longevity. Embroided products are long-lasting and durable. However, it also depends on what form of printing you are opting for. If you are opting for DTG, it may...
How much GST is charged? Is that included in the costs shared?
GST is charged differently on different products such as t-shirts/ hoodies < 1000 Rs, will carry a GST of 5%, while t-shirts/ hoodies > 1000 Rs., will carry a GST of 12%. Mugs have a GST of 12%
Do I Get a price quote?
Yes! We have a price calculator through which pricing can be determined, and quotations can be sent to your mailboxes.
Can the price be negotiated?
The prices mentioned on our website, in the tool are the final prices and cannot be negotiated.
Are there any hidden charges?
There are absolutely no hidden charges. Cost of the products, printing charges, delivery costs, taxes, and any other service charges. Nearly everything is mentioned on the checkout page.
Where do I get the rates for products which I cannot find online?
If a product is not listed on our website, we will not be able to provide quotations for those products.
How much is a custom jacket?
All our product prices are listed on the respective product pages, and prices do change according to the quantity, designs, printing, and delivery selection. Please go to the price tool, to select the details.
Can I get discounts on products?
In case we are running any offers on the website, or any other seasonal offers. Those can be applied to the final order. Otherwise, the price which is displayed on the website and in the tool is the final price and there are no further negotiations possible...
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Print Quality
Will the print lighten after washing?
Not immediately, but yes after 20-25 washes, you will start seeing some changes in the darkness of the printing, and depending on what type and kind of printing it is, according to its lifespan, it will lighten accordingly.
Is there any guarantee on the Print?
Champu guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. We use the best printing techniques with the highest quality materials. Every product is proof checked by our team. Having said that, every print has its own lifetime as screen print lasts for around 40...
What is your quality guarantee?
We specify nearly all the quality details in the product specifications, related to the fabric quality, wear-out time, etc. All the printing is done with the highest quality material type, however, every printing type has its own life, as a screenprint...
What if my image is poor quality?
We recommend uploading pictures at the highest quality since poor-quality pictures often result in the print being pixelated. Only the highest-quality images will ensure the best print quality.
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What all color options are available in t-shirts/ hoodies?
We have a lot of color options available in our products. All the colors can be seen on this page, in the Color Filter. We have all the regular color products such as White, Black, Navy, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, etc., and also offer a few products...
Is there a limit on the number of colors in a custom design?
No, you can have as many colors printed on a garment, as you need. Fewer colors without any blending usually get done with Screen Printing, while more colors or blending printing gets done with Sublimation or DTG/ DTF.
How do I change my garment or product color?
Within the design tool, there must be an option to choose the product from and also to choose the available colors for that particular product. You can choose it from there.
Can I order different t-shirt colors with the same design?
Yes, you can order different color t-shirts with the same designs on them in one order, but please ensure the visibility of printing designs on t-shirt color, as usually, light-colored designs come better on dark t-shirts, and vice versa. Any light...
Can I give a Pantone color shade for my logo, text, or the uploaded image?
Sure, this is possible. You can mention the required Pantone shades, in additional detail. However, pls be noted that only with Sublimation and DTF printing, the closest form of printing colors can be achieved, and not with Screen printing. Screen...
Are white garments cheaper than colored garment?
Yes, a white color or a lighter shade is less costly than a dark or a bright color, because the latter requires additional ink and printing and the former is a base color. But this cost variation only comes into play if your order quantity is more...
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Design Tool
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What all delivery companies are you associated with?
We are associated with nearly all the major domestic and international shipping partners. For domestic partners, we are associated with Shiprocket, Delhivery, Trackon, DTDC, Bluedart, etc. For international shipping, we are associated with DHL, Bluedart...
What is the shipping time for custom t-shirts?
Shipping time for custom t-shirts is totally dependent on the number of products, Type of Printing needed, and Delivery Location. On average, an order for say 100 t-shirts, with front and back printing, and delivery in Bangalore, for free shipping...
I got a mail stating delivery failure but I didn't get any call from the courier, I was present at the premises while day but no one came with the courier, what to do next?
Our delivery partners will attempt to deliver the order the next day. However, If you have got a message stating that the order is being returned to the warehouse, you can contact us at for further assistance.
How many days does it take to deliver ABC products to XYZ pin code?
Shipping time for custom t-shirts is totally dependent on the number of products, Type of Printing needed, and Delivery Location. On average, an order for say 100 t-shirts, with front and back printing, and delivery in Bangalore, for free shipping...
Do you take orders for same-day delivery as well?
No, our latest time to deliver goods is Urgent Orders, and that happens in 3-5 business days, not earlier than that. In addition to that, there may be an extra fee that you have to pay for urgent delivery, which can be displayed in the designer tool ...
Can you guys deliver the goods individually to separate addresses? Will it charge additional?
Yes, we do deliver the goods individually to separate addresses but each separate address would charge individual shipping charges. Typically in India, for a t-shirt, the additional charge would vary between Rs. 70-100 per t-shirt, while for a hoodie...
Can I track my order?
Yes, you can track your order via the courier service provider using their tracking ID. Please use this link to track the order.
Can I change the delivery address post placing the order?
You can drop us an email at stating your Order ID, and mentioning the concern. If the goods are still lying within our warehouse, we can happily change the address, however, the costs may go up or down, depending on the new address...
Is shipping included in the total costs shared?
There are 3 shipping options available, and charges are calculated accordingly. Shipping charges will be applied automatically during checkout. It will be included in the grand total of the order.
Do I Get Charged for The Delivery of Each Order?
If you select free shipping i.e. order to be delivered after 15 days of placing the order. The entire shipping is free, however, if it is needed before that, there is an additional charge on shipping.
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What kinds of prints and embroidery can I do on performance dry-fit t-shirts?
Any kind of printing or embroidery is possible on dri-fit t-shirts. Be it Screen printing, Transfer Printing, DTG, DTF, or Embroidery.
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What is Personalization?
Personalization refers to creating, designing, or modifying something according to your requirements.
What happens after I place my order?
Just sit back and relax. Once your order is placed, it is our job to provide you with your order in the highest quality in the shortest amount of time. A complete series of actions start at our end, starting from procurement of products, to design...
If I place a reorder, do I have to submit all of my art again?
No! You can just log in to your account, and see the history options. All your previous orders must be listed and you select and place a repeat order of the same products with just one single click.
Can I come in and see you to place my order?
No! We do not have any physical office presence, and hence meeting physically with any of our reps is not possible. However, we assign a product specialist to you, who helps you choose the best type of fabric for your requirement.
Do you also do Print on Demand services?
No! We do not entertain print-on-demand right now. However, we may consider doing the same in the near future. If you have any questions regarding the same, please drop us an email on
Can I provide my material for printing?
Yes, you can the designs, etc. or create new designs using the design tool. However, we do not take only printing orders, where we do not print on the customer's t-shirts. You can select any of the products available from our website, and we can print...
Can I print trademarked materials?
Yes and No! Trademarked materials can only be printed if you have the authority or official permission from the authority to print the products. Else, we will not be able to print the same.
Where can I buy custom uniforms?
You can buy premium quality custom uniforms, at Champu at the most affordable prices. The MOQ for the same is 500 pcs.
Is there any quantity restriction?
There is no quantity restriction on orders. You can order as many goods as you want.
Where is Champu located?
Our HQ is located in New Delhi, however, we service PAN India. Currently, we are a company running its operations fully remotely.
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Where can I get custom hoodies for my group in Delhi?
Whether it be corporate groups or vacation groups, You can get custom hoodies at at the best rates and for the highest quality.
What kinds of sweatshirts can I design?
Currently, we offer sweatshirts with hoodies, w/o hoodies, zippers, and non-zippers, and those can be customized/ designed by adding designs on the front, back, or on sleeves, etc. You can simply choose the products from the available menu, add them...
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