What if I have special instructions for my design?
All your special instructions are welcome at Champu, All your requests and requirements will be taken care of by us. You can add in additional details while placing the order with us and will take care of the same. and even if you have forgotten...
What are the recommended file/artwork upload specifications?
The recommended file + artwork is png, SVG, PSD, eps, etc. Just ensure that the files that you are uploading have a basic requirement for the upload pixels so that printing comes out nice and the designs are not pixelated.
What are the points to be considered while designing a custom t-shirt?
You need to consider the following points: 1. The design uploaded should be of the highest quality. 2. The logo/design placement and indentation should be carefully done.
Can I use non-standard fonts?
We have more than 10,000 fonts available in the list which can be used.
Is there an option for printing designs with photos?
Yes, you can print designs with your photo of choice. Just ensure they meet the required pixel standards for good output.
Is there any option for outlining text?
The design tool has the option of outlining the text, and there are multiple options you can use to highlight, bold, and italicize the fonts.
My design is not getting saved. Can you help?
Sure, in case this is happening multiple times. Please reach out to our design team at, who will help you with the creation of your design and save it as well.
Is it necessary to choose from the existing template design?
No, it is not necessary to choose from the existing template, you can custom-create your own design as well. Just that you have to create them yourselves, and our design team wont be able to help you in that case.
I liked your ready-to-use design for ABC prod but I want to make slight change in the design, is it possible ?
Yes, it is very much possible to make slight changes according to your preferences, in our existing designs.
How lengthy text I can write on the product?
Every product will come with some restrictive area of printing, basis the surface area that can be used for printing. The design tool will display the restrictive area, beyond which printing will not be possible, and you can keep the text as big as...
How do I order my design with different products, colors, or styles?
You can select all the items you want to order and add them to your cart. It is as easy as that! You can create as many variations of the products with different colors as needed, choose the sizes which are required in each one of them, review them and...
How do I add a design to the back of my shirt?
In the design tool, you can simply choose the back side of the product and once displayed, you can then within the design area, choose any of the fonts, designs, and texts to decorate that area and finalize the design.
How can I get help with my design?
We provide expert help, 6 days a week! You can drop us an email at, and our design experts will reach out to you for the same.
How can I be sure my design will be centered?
There are multiple alignment options with the design tool, that will help you align the designs to center, left, or right as per your choice. However, if still, the designs created by you are not the way you may have intended, it goes through a QA...
How can I add individual Names & Numbers?
You can provide the design you have decided on and a list of names/numbers that have to be printed individually on each product. There will, however, be an additional cost for this service, which can be explored in the design tool.
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