Do you offer any discounts on ordering bulk/ volume t-shirts?
Yes, we have a fixed price calculator tool, that helps determine the best costs, on the basis of 3 factors - 1. Product Chosen 2. Printing 3. Delivery Location & Timeline On the basis of all these 3 factors, prices are calculated on the price...
Why are fewer quantity t-shirts more expensive vs more qty t-shirts?
There is always a one-time setup cost in printing, especially in manual printing or embroidery. When that one-time setup cost gets divided into larger qty, it becomes smaller, while when divided into smaller qty, the cost per t-shirt goes up.
Is Embroidery more costly than printing?
Embroidery is indeed more costly than printing, but it is because of its guaranteed longevity. Embroided products are long-lasting and durable. However, it also depends on what form of printing you are opting for. If you are opting for DTG, it may...
How much GST is charged? Is that included in the costs shared?
GST is charged differently on different products such as t-shirts/ hoodies < 1000 Rs, will carry a GST of 5%, while t-shirts/ hoodies > 1000 Rs., will carry a GST of 12%. Mugs have a GST of 12%
Do I Get a price quote?
Yes! We have a price calculator through which pricing can be determined, and quotations can be sent to your mailboxes.
Can the price be negotiated?
The prices mentioned on our website, in the tool are the final prices and cannot be negotiated.
Are there any hidden charges?
There are absolutely no hidden charges. Cost of the products, printing charges, delivery costs, taxes, and any other service charges. Nearly everything is mentioned on the checkout page.
Where do I get the rates for products which I cannot find online?
If a product is not listed on our website, we will not be able to provide quotations for those products.
How much is a custom jacket?
All our product prices are listed on the respective product pages, and prices do change according to the quantity, designs, printing, and delivery selection. Please go to the price tool, to select the details.
Can I get discounts on products?
In case we are running any offers on the website, or any other seasonal offers. Those can be applied to the final order. Otherwise, the price which is displayed on the website and in the tool is the final price and there are no further negotiations possible...
The product I want to return was bought at a discount. Will I get refunded the full amount?
The refunded amount will only be what you paid. If you bought the product at a discounted rate, you will be refunded the amount you paid.
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