Print Quality

Will the print lighten after washing?
Not immediately, but yes after 20-25 washes, you will start seeing some changes in the darkness of the printing, and depending on what type and kind of printing it is, according to its lifespan, it will lighten accordingly.
Is there any guarantee on the Print?
Champu guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. We use the best printing techniques with the highest quality materials. Every product is proof checked by our team. Having said that, every print has its own lifetime as screen print lasts for around 40...
What is your quality guarantee?
We specify nearly all the quality details in the product specifications, related to the fabric quality, wear-out time, etc. All the printing is done with the highest quality material type, however, every printing type has its own life, as a screenprint...
What if my image is poor quality?
We recommend uploading pictures at the highest quality since poor-quality pictures often result in the print being pixelated. Only the highest-quality images will ensure the best print quality.
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